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Vibez Fit is a revolutionary, 30-minute full-body workout that combines strength, cardiovascular and flexibility exercises utilizing the Power Plate machine – the leading technology in whole-body vibration training.

Vibez Fit classes develop strength, muscle tone, and definition during a high-speed workout using vibration training. The Power Plate stimulates the body’s natural reflexes causing an involuntary muscle contraction.

The Power Plate

  • Stimulates the body’s natural reflexes
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Burns more calories in less time
  • Reduces the appearances of cellulite

What does this mean? longer, leaner muscles, glowing skin, and detoxification in just 30 minutes compared to a traditional 90-minute workout. Within the first 3 minutes, you will feel the difference the Power Plate makes as compared to doing the same exercises on the floor.

Vibez Fit classes use science-based technology to increase blood circulation and calorie expenditure. Studies have shown that whole-body vibration training benefits all ages and fitness levels, improving your overall health while sculpting your body.




The Vibez




Fit Studio

Prepare yourself for a life-changing experience. When you walk through the doors of our brand new state of the art studio you will feel the good Vibez flowing. Every client has their own personal workstation and equipment, which has been thoroughly sanitized before and after each class. You will enjoy our small class size of only 20 clients per class.

Adhering to current social protocols each station has a 7-foot perimeter of your own personal workstation. Our 17-foot ceilings allow for CDC required airflow and all air is sanitized by ultraviolet lights.

Our fully qualified Vibez Fit instructors will lead you through our carefully curated classes… you will feel energized and rejuvenated in just 30 minutes.

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    July 28, 2021

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