Operating procedures

Chicago Vaccine Mandate

As you’ve probably heard, the Vaccine Mandate takes effect as of January 3, 2022 in Chicago. All clients entering the studio will be required to show a one time proof of vaccination. We will mark your vaccination status on your Mindbody account so you do not need to do it every time you take a class. Here is how we will implement this new mandate:
  • Email proof of vaccination to before your next class and we will update your profile OR
  • You can show the front desk staff your proof of vaccination next time you are in the studio.
  • If you have religious or medical exemption please email it to
  • Masks will still be required AT ALL TIMES in the studio.
Your safety and the safety of our staff is very important to us. In order to keep everyone safe we have implemented the following procedures based on the current CDC recommendations. Updated January 3rd, 2022.


Work Stations

The Studio has been laid out to ensure and exceed the City required 6 ft distancing between individual work stations. Each Power Plate work station has approximately 77 square feet per patron allowing a dedicated, safe workout space outfitted with individual Power Plates, ample personal storage, and all accessory equipment needed for your class.



Each workstation has a 7 ft diameter separation, allowing ample social distancing workspace for each client. Floor markers have been added to the lobby and throughout the studio to encourage further social distancing.

Notifications of

positive cases

If we become aware that you have had any direct exposure to a person who has tested positive for COVID we will reach out and notify you directly. Clients are asked to alert the Studio Manager if they test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of their last visit. All staff will be told to self-isolate if they, or someone they have been in contact with, are symptomatic or test positive for COVID-19. 


Protective Equipment

All clients and staff are required to wear a mask/ face covering at all times while in the studio, including at your workout station, and regardless of your vaccination status.



Touchless sanitation stations will be located at the entrance of the studio and in the lobby . All clients will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering the studio, as well as before and after class. Disinfectant wipes stations will also be located in the studio. Each workstation will have its own bottle of Lumion™ cleaning spray for wiping down all equipment.

Signage In

The Studio

Signs will be posted around the studio to help reinforce this information. Please be on the lookout and take note of these signs.



The first line of defense is you–please make sure to wipe down all equipment after you use it. The second defense is our professional cleaning staff, who will regularly clean all studio equipment after classes and throughout the day. 



In addition to the touchless hand sanitizing stations, we are taking extra measures to eliminate or minimize high touch zones as much as possible. An automatic water bottle fill station is located in the rear of the studio for members to use. Each client will have a touchless check-in. 



Our studio and equipment has been treated with 

Penetrexx™ Antimicrobial – Penetrexx™ creates a protective barrier that reduces the risk of bacterial cross-contamination on high-touch, high-risk surfaces. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic/non-leaching, hypoallergenic antimicrobial technology. This EPA registered Bio- Static product is based on a unique formulation that effectively reduces the spread of a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, algae, and yeast. High touch surfaces will be re-treated monthly.




Our HVAC System is equipped with a UV disinfection system, providing ultraviolet light to cleanse the air in the Studio. An additional rooftop exhaust fan allows for continual extraction of air from the studio enabling ample fresh air exchange. Finally, our nearly 20-foot ceilings provide great volume for air circulation throughout the room.




Throughout our studio, we use Lumion™ all natural cleaning products made up of HOCL + O2. This everyday cleanser is strong enough for the dirtiest of places, yet safe enough for the crib. Each spray is made with ingredients approved by Mother Nature that are safe + effective on surfaces and delivers a powerful non-toxic punch.

Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is known to be an infection-fighting compound found naturally in the human body. HOCl kills dangerous microorganisms as an antimicrobial making it equally effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi (outside the body). Lumion also uses Oxygen in its proprietary process to create oxygen at the molecular level. Lumion formula has a 900+ ORP (oxidation-reduction potential). A high ORP is a measure of o2 in the water. According to the CDC, 800+ represents oxygenation past sterilization.

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